Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas in Guildford

With the PC crowd finding every possible excuse to banish Christ from Christmas, it was heartening to see a live nativity scene right in the middle of Guildford high street, complete with a cow, a sheep and a donkey. The only part that was not real was the baby in the manger, who was being understudied by a plastic doll (fair enough, even I wouldn't have expected them to risk using an actual newborn baby).

Unfortunately, Hugh took exception to the donkey, convinced it was about to bite him, but he was distracted by a cheery band of Rotarians in Santa hats, singing Christmas carols nearby.
PS sorry I don't have a photo of the actual nativity scene, I haven't yet mastered the art of carrying a digital camera around with me in case I find something to put on the blog...

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Mac McLernon said...

That's why mobile phone cameras are such a great invention!!!