Monday, 1 December 2008

Whatever would Mary say?

This may be naivety on my part, but until I read this article, I didn't realise there were still women in this country (outside celebrityland) who actually lived like this any more. In fairness to womankind, the pampered gold-digger waited on by armies of servants is hardly representative of the female population of this country, but even so, the Telegraph's descriptions of the Toxic Wife who marries for money then walks out the moment financial trouble looms, makes horrific reading. The Toxic Wife is basically the twenty-first century version of Mary Wollstonecraft's worst nightmare, a vacuous, indulged plaything incapable of earning an honest living... except for one fairly major difference. Whereas Wollstonecraft complained in Vindication of the Rights of Women that women of a certain class were forced into becoming 'playthings' because they were denied education and trained from a young age to be petty-minded and precious, women in contemporary Britain who behave like that choose to live trivial lives dominated by visits to the nail bar. Get a grip, ladies, pleeease.

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