Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Important Update

I have just had an email from the MP's office asking that people emailing on Tabi's behalf include their full name and postal address, otherwise "their representations are unusable in any way." I am sorry for not pointing this out before, but I have only this moment been informed about it. It saves the caseworker the bother of having to reply asking for the necessary details.


Paul said...

The MP's assistant actually took the trouble to email me to ask for my full address, which is very encouraging (and hopefully it won't count against my representations that I'm currently living abroad!)

Ttony said...

Dear Fiorella, apart from any other help we can give, I will offer prayers for you for having organised this. Well done!

edward said...

Dear Fiorella,
I am her friend from Goa.I have emailed the MP requesting help in cancelling her Deportation order.I have given my home adress as well as mobile phone no.I will also pray for her although i am not a religious person.
Fiorella, thank u ..for being such a good human being and helping my friend
Edward Fernandes