Saturday, 12 February 2011

Chen Guangcheng

As many of you will know, Chen Guangcheng is the blind lawyer who was imprisoned and tortured by the Chinese authorities for trying to expose thousands of cases of forced abortion. I wonder if the directors of any of the so-called 'pro-choice' agencies which claim that there is no forced abortion in China, could bring themselves to say that to this brave man and his wife, who continue to suffer for challenging a lie with which the West colludes.

This video has been released exposing the misery of house arrest and continuous surveillence that Chen and his family have to live with.

Latest updates from ChinaAid

Chen and wife were beaten for releasing this video! ChinaAid has just learned that on the evening of February 8, Chen Guangcheng and his wife were beaten severely by officers from the Public Security Bureau of Linyi and Shuanghou (Chen's hometown). The violence was inflicted because of the video the couple recorded, which was released yesterday. Chen and his wife were beaten so severely that they are not able to move from their bed, and they were denied the right to go to the hospital for medical care.

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